5 Speed

I love our manual transmission Hyudia Elentra. Up until tonight, I had been totally cool with selling it. Tonight, however, I took an ever so exciting drive to Wal-mart. It was amazing. I plugged my iPod in, opened the sunroof and drove! The sun was setting and there was a chill in the air announcing that fall is indeed here! It was just nice to drive… alone!!!… and reflect on all that is going on! I love that car! There have been many times of worship in there.I will miss that car (that is if we could ever sell it!!!)

I got a treat on the way…. a fountain Coke! Seriously I will forgo any dessert to have a good fountain Coke! So I parked my car in the back of the parking lot, savored my Coke and talked to God. It was amazing. As I sat there I realized never in my life has there ever been more uncertainty and insecurity about the future but at the same time I can not think of another time when I had more peace! Since Mark and I walked out the door of the closing of our house, God has showered us with peace. Peace is a funny thing. It is something no human can produce. I can build security of some sort. I can not in any way produce peace. Only God can! (Shelly told me this would happen… she was right : )

So its worth it. All this stuff we are dealing with right now… its worth it. There is nothing like living in peace…nothing like having serenity for the soul.


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