My human baby…

Well this week has been interesting…

I started keeping a friend/family member’s kids. It is great because I can take Trey with me. It is also great because this forces me to get Trey back into a schedule… urg.. She has a baby only 7 weeks older than Trey and a little girl almost four. So far this week, her kids have been wonderful and my child has… well…. tested me!

I came to this realization… I was talking to Mark about our first day and I said, “Mark, I know this is weird but sometimes I forget Trey is human you know… I just think he is this beautiful, wonderful baby and I forget he is a little human.” Mark said, “No, that’s not it…. you forget he is flawed human.”

So, yes I have realized it this week… my baby is not perfect! Gasp! I know… I will have to break it to his grandparent gently (… nah they still won’t believe me). This week my precious baby pitched a fit! I mean a good one. There was nothing wrong with him other than he wasn’t getting his way! He did not want to share his mommy with any body else and he pitched a fit. Isn’t he too young for this? Apparently not. He also absolutely refuses to take naps. He is so stubborn! He comes upon it honestly mind you but wow do Mark and I have it coming for us!

But you know what? I love this little boy more than I could ever imagine. I was thinking about him tonight and realized I never for one second stopped loving him. I am learning more each day about the love of a parent to their child. I could never have imagined the extent of unconditional it is! In the middle of his temper tantrum, I never loved him more.

I know God loves me with this kind of love and it is cool to experience it! Can I tell you how many tantrums I have thrown to God?! How amazing that He looks at me and says in His mind, “My child, I have never loved you more!”


One Comment on “My human baby…”

  1. heiditheophilus says:

    As his nursery care-taker, I DON’T BELIEVE YOU! We still think he’s perfect. …although we did start to have our suspicions that time he spit up on me…hmmm…. 🙂 I guess we could take our half out of the middle & agree that he’s perfectly human? 😉

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