Write it in the sky for me God!

Have you ever wanted God to do that? Have you ever had a decision or something that you just needed God to clearly spell out which direction He wanted you to go in?

I have so many times wish God would just tell me everything. It would be a lot easier to follow him if I just knew what all was going to happen. If he could just clearly spell out His plan, that would be great!

Or would it? In November, Mark and I are coming up on our third anniversary. Recently, I was reflecting on all that has changed just in the last year. I thought what if God had told me everything that was going to happen this year… It would look something like this….

you will find out you are pregnant! (Surprise!)

– Doug and Shelly are starting a church in Savannah…and I want you to go!

– you will have horrible morning sickness with this baby

– I want you to quit school for now… I know…

– you are having a boy…even though you will swear to everyone it is a girl…

– oh and the day you find out you are having a boy you be in a bad car accident. No one will get hurt too bad but you will learn to trust Me the hard way.

– I am going to ask you to give up your dance program… you won’t get it but You will see My plan eventually.

– You will have pre-eclamsia and be put on bed rest for three weeks before Trey gets here… you will hate this and they will practically have to tie you down to the sofa but once again… I am teaching you to rest : ) Enjoy it!

– When you go in to deliver the baby, you will face your fears and have an epidural but will never dilate and need a C-section…even though Mark will only be able to be in there for a little while… you will be okay I will be with You!

– Trey will have Jaundice and be on lights for five days… you won’t like this either but its only five days.

– Bills will pile up when you get home… but I will provide… in My timing.

– Yes! You finally sell the house but you will sell it for less than you owe.

I know none of these things were in your plans, My child. But by this time next year, you will love Me more. I will change your heart in ways you could not know. I love you! Don’t be scared! I orchestrated all these things, the good and the bad, so that you may know Me more!

Maybe its a good thing God only lights our path and journey with Him one step at a time.

If I had known all this in advance, I might not have signed up for this thing : )


4 Comments on “Write it in the sky for me God!”

  1. shellygarvin says:

    Beautifully written Trisha! I am so glad that God doesn’t tell me what lies ahead but instead, gives me exactly what I need…exactly when I need it.

  2. Mimi says:

    How precious you are to me! You are teaching your old SS teacher who is so grateful to be your mother-in-law.

  3. monica says:

    Girl, for now I’ll say….

    you are telling me……

    God likes to shock our socks off~ 😉

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