Sometimes there is nothing left to do but dance…

During the week I keep a family member’s kids. She has a baby close to Trey’s age and an almost four year old. I love her kids but it has been a transition for Trey and I. The other day we had a bad day.Trey was fussing and her baby was cutting teeth. They were both crying in stereo. Poor AG (the 4 year old) was hungry and wanting lunch. I caught a glimpse of my car out the window in the driveway and contemplated running out the door!

Instead the car gave me an idea. I did run out there but resisted the urge to drive away : ) I grabbed my iPod and headed back inside to the screaming babies. There was nothing left to do for the babies. They weren’t hungry, the had clean diapers on and it wasn’t quite nap time. I looked AG and said, “looks like all we can do is dance : )” So we sat the boys on the sofa, turned up the music and danced around the living room. We had a lot of fun and you know what the babies stopped crying. Instead, they just starred at us thinking we were crazy! It was a pretty funny picture.

I heard a song a while back that said, “life is what happens when you’re making other plans”. I think that is so true! I can’t get that line out of my head. It has been my utmost goal to enjoy and not let life slip away while we are in this “transition time”. It is so tempting to focus on what is ahead or what was behind and not live in the here and now.

Right now things are weird. We don’t really have our own home. We are trying to get to Savannah but sorta stuck. But it is where we are and we are going to make the best of it! So instead of cry and complain and “make it through the day”. I want to dance! I want to enjoy the moment…because no matter where we are trying to get, there will always be somewhere else to go. So we might as well choose joy and enjoy today!


2 Comments on “Sometimes there is nothing left to do but dance…”

  1. Ruthie says:

    Trey is thinking “I wonder if they know how to play football….?”

  2. scrabblenut says:

    Great post.

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