I have been learning about this word the hard way. I have to literally wake up every morning and “drink” from God’s Word to keep perspective and contentment. We are living with my parents right now. It has been a month. I love my parents but it has been terribly hard for me to not have a home. I don’t mean shelter or a “roof over our heads” but a home –  a place that is ours and where we can be a family.

So I was reading the other day and came upon this and I thought I would share. It’s from “Becoming a Woman of Wisdom” by Joyce Rogers:

Perhaps the greates cause for marital unhappiness is discontentment. Some people are always searching for more. The think they will be happy with: A new husband, a new baby, a new car, a new house, a better job, a bigger house, and on and on! Contentment doesn’t come natuarally. Paul said, “I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.” (Phil. 4:11) This learning process involves counting our blessings and focusing on the things we do like instead of on the things we don’t like.”

That struck me. So I thought I would make a list (I am a list person). I would write down the things I did like about this whole  “transition process” we are in. So I did. The first five things came pretty easy. The next five took me about 10mins. to come up with. After the first ten, however, I filled up another entire page in my journal. It helped a lot to write these down and refocus! It might be something I need to do at least once a week!

Top of my list always right now is this guy! He brings me so much joy!


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