Impatiently Waiting…

Trey was born impatient. When he gets hungry there is no messy around. He doesn’t just wimper or fuss, he screams!!! He wants his food now!

We always try to calm him down, of coarse. “Trey calm down. We are working on it. Mommy and Daddy will never let you starve! Have we let you go hungry yet?”

Oh this child… he is so much like me! God taught me a little something.

I am not very patient either. I cry and complain, scream, kick and whine until God gives me what I want.

Right now, I want to be in Savannah. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting this… God did call us here after all. It is the way I act in the meantime. This transition time is a lot harder than I thought. Some days the “hunger pains” to get down there are all I can take! Internally I am kicking and screaming just like my little boy.

I can hear God’s voice over me saying, “Trisha, calm down. I am working on it. Have I let you down yet?”

When Trey is kicking and screaming I so badly want him to understand what I am saying and calm down. He gets so worked up. It hurts his stomach and all that is just plain unecessary!

I know the same is true for me! It causes me unecessary stress and sadness. When all the while God has it under control. Do you ever look back over your life and think, “Why did I worry about all that? It worked out!” I can. I can say that about every little detail of my life thus far. I know I will look back on this time in our life and think… I wish I had just calmed down and enjoyed it more.

So that is where I am. Each day it is a struggle but I am trying. There is so much more to enjoy than to stress over…. it is just a matter of what I am going to focus on!



One Comment on “Impatiently Waiting…”

  1. Such a sad puppy here 😦 I love this kid, though, even when he does get fussy about eating!!! 🙂

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