Naptime in the car

My child is as stubborn as they come. I love him…. more than anything but oh… we already go at it : )

He does not like to nap or sleep! He teased us at 8 weeks by starting to sleep through the night. About 3 weeks ago he decided to end this trend.

Anyway today he was exhausted and refused to nap (really the sleep issue is a whole blog in and of itself but I degress…). So on our way home he fell asleep in the car. I swore I would never do this (I swore I would not do a lot of things I have already done as a parent!), but I decided we would just drive around to keep him asleep. So I drove for 45 minutes (Praise God for lower gas prices).

I didn’t turn the music on because I wanted the best sleeping conditions. My heart turned to God. I ended up talking to Him for the full 45 minutes. I can’t tell you when (or if) the last time I did that was…. I mean I talk to God frequently throughout the day but there is something about a long conversation you know?! Gosh, I would love to sound so holy and say I do this every morning. I don’t. But man I need to! It was just so good! I just talked… and talked… (praise God he made me and loves my voice) and I can’t describe it but would feel God’s direction or peace or voice about whatever we were discussing. Like I said it was great! Nothing changed or miraculous happened but it was so good to dump all my stuff at His feet. Its like it cleared up room in my heart and mind.

God is so great! Yet how amazing that He would sit and listen to me!



One Comment on “Naptime in the car”

  1. Aimee says:

    Jason and I drove around one night for about 30 minutes trying to get Layla to sleep. Tanner has also slept full nights in his car seat for fear of waking him up. It is suprising the things we say we will never do and we end up doing them.

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