Our story…. my rescue…

Today is Mark and I’s wedding anniversary! Three years ago today I was a young blushing bride eagerly awaiting the moment when I would marry my best friend.

I got married young. I am not ashamed to admit it : ) I was 20. I had to have special approval to go on our honeymoon cruise because I was under 21… yea ha ha : ) Not only did I marry young but I met Mark when I was weeks away from my 15 birthday!  Really… my parents were crazy… but they loved Mark.

Anyway…. I am a “why” person… I am like a three year old always asking God why.

I have always wondered why God brought Mark into my life at such a young age. 15 really?

God is so good. He doesn’t have to answer me but recently he answered me. I was reading Psalm 124. It talks about God being on our side. Then the Psalmist plays the “what if” game and goes through many scenarios of what might have happened if God was not on their side.

Through the Bible study I was doing, I was prompted to do the same. I played the “what if” game in my life. Mark came to mind. I remembered I became a Christian only a year before meeting Mark. I knew very little about following God and made some bad decisions in that year. I honestly didn’t know any better. I was just doing what everyone did in high school. In fact, only weeks before meeting Mark I was about to enter into a dating relationship that would have been a seriously bad choice if God had not intervened!

So I played all of this out in my head and then on paper. I seriously shutter to think where my path was leading me. But God (I have full confidence in this) changed my path in an unconventional way. He sent Mark. I meet Mark the summer after I became a Christian. I met him on a church family mission trip. I have full confidence in saying, He sent him to save me from myself.

I have read many books and heard many people talk about when to date and marry and all that. All I can say is this: Mark and I’s relationship has in every way drawn me closer to the heart of God! And I could say that after dating him for a month, engaged to him for year and married to him for three years. Now is it because we sit around reading the Bible and singing praise music all the time… umm… no! God has drawn me closer to Himself, through my wonderful husband, through the trails, victories and failures we have faced along the way. The difference is in my husband’s surrendered heart to God. It was His heart that taught me how to love God and follow Him!

Our story it weird! I know it! I would love a “we meet in college and got married right after graduation story”. But its not us. God had a special plan. He had to rescue the heart of His child and he used an amazing guy for the job! I praise God for our story and giving me Mark!

Happy Anniversary Babe! I love you!



3 Comments on “Our story…. my rescue…”

  1. scrabblenut says:

    Wow, your story is so much like mine. I met Eric 2 weeks before my 15th birthday 🙂 I too was on a path that was taking me away from God, and my family, crazy as I think they were, absolutely adored Eric and welcomed him with open arms.


  2. M & L says:

    Happy Anniversary my sweet friends! We love you guys so much. I’m so glad we get to go thru life with you guys.

  3. That’s crazy Kendra : ) We are lucky girls!

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