I thought I had parenting figured out…

If you haven’t noticed…. Mark is not a very frquent blogger. That’s okay because when he writes its good but usually I have a lot more words stored up inside me that I need to get out! : )

Lately I haven’t though. I feel tired or like I have been busy but I haven’t. My little 5 month old joy keeps me a whole lot busier than I thought.

I was at a friend’s baby shower last night. I was looking at her a couple of the other pregnant girls in the room thinking, “Man, when I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant, I really thought I had it figured out.” (not that this is what they think.. its just what I, my prideful self, thought). Oh, I had a plan, a schedule, and a whole list of things “I would never do with my child!”. Oh boy…. or oh well I should say. Sometimes I wish I had never read those parenting books you know?! At 3 in the morning when I want to scream I am so frustrated that my child will not go to sleep, quotes from those stupid books swirl around my head. The other night I thought it would be fun to let out some frustration on one particular book by ripping all the pages out one by one and then maybe watching them burn (yes I am really suffering from sleep deprivation…. I am going a little crazy).

Seriously though, the books are good but Trey did not read the books. He is writting his own little story! Don’t laugh but I seriously think I thought discipling Trey would be like training a dog. You are consistent and do these things over and over and BOOM! Perfect kid on a perfect schedule! WRONG! He is a human being with a soul, personlity, likes, dislikes, feelings, fears and so on. He tests me…. oh does he test me! I love this little boy with every fiber of my being but I think James Dobson wrote the book ” The Strong willed Child” after watching my son. He is a stubborn one… even his “blinded by granparent love” grandparents have commented on it : ) He comes upon it honestly though…

So here is what I am learning. Like I said some of the books are good…. but I should not try to mold my parenting around someone else’s parenting model. Why? Because they are not Trey’s parents. Mark and I are. I am just at the tip of the iceburg on this but God is showing me to spend more time seeking Him on how he wants us to raise Trey and less time trying to copy someone else.



3 Comments on “I thought I had parenting figured out…”

  1. monica says:

    I am depending on you to have it “all figured out” by next June when our little one arrives!!! Then to clue me in. 🙂

  2. kimist says:

    Jason and I have the same thoughts. I said I would NEVER have a kid who would still be on a bottle at 18months…but she is. However, I think we’ve learned to focus on the areas we’ve done well in! It’s rough but children aren’t like the books…what fun would that be?! We would have no fun stories of being up late or learning to be better husbands and wives through the process.
    Hope you get some sleep! Kim

  3. citystreams says:

    You’re certainly not alone. I wrestle with every tiny decision. Should I put Bri down for a nap before dinner or wait until afterwards? It always seems like I’m making the wrong choice. But, we’re not going to be perfect. So at least we get to enjoy the laughs. Right?

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