It’s finally happening!

Well we are finally moving! We will be moving the week after Christmas to good ole’ Savannah!

We are exctied! It all seems to be happening fast but then again I never thought it would have taken us this long to get down there!

Mark did not find a job in Savannah. He is actually staying with his job here. They have been awesome to work with. He  will be working three days a week and back in Savannah with us four days out of the week. I know this is not ideal but we are actually excited about it!

God is so good! The timing has been awesome! We put our house on the market in March. Between the months of  May and August not a sole saw our house. In the mean time we had a baby : ) Praise God no one saw our house! Only one person saw the house after Trey was born and she bought it! We moved in the my parents in September. This time has actually ended up to be a blessing. We have gotten to rest and bond as a family. God really taught me about contentment and at just the right time we are moving down there! I needed this transition time after having the baby! God knew that! Why do I doubt Him…. He really does have all under control : )


One Comment on “It’s finally happening!”

  1. Kerri says:

    So excited for you! We will miss you though 😦

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