What a week!

This week has been crazy! We are packing up (wait didn’t I just do this) our stuff and moved in to Mark’s parents house because my parents are moving as well! My mom’s dryer broke last week. So I have laundry all over the place. We were already living out of a suitcase….so now I have to hunt and gather to get a full outfit together for us. Also, my car is packed up with a load from my parent’s house (we didn’t want to unpack it just to pack it again). So I am now driving around with a bunch of junk piled in the back. But don’t worry. Shall I need a fan, stapler or diaper genie on my travels around town I will be equipped!
We are set and ready to head out on Friday! I am super excited! God’s timing is perfect! I am ready to go!
I found this today… totally identify!


2 Comments on “What a week!”

  1. citystreams says:

    Sounds intense! I love the cartoon. Same goes for singing in the car :o)

  2. monica says:

    So excited for you, though so sad to see you go. Like I told ya though, we’ll take Savannah any day! I told Andy just last night while we were eating that I can’t wait for our little one to get here too and to head your way. I look forward to visiting the beach and hanging out on Water Front Street with you and Trey!!

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