A chance of rain and heavy fog…

That is the weather forcast all week here in Savannah. It is also the forcast for my soul. There is a dense fog hovering over our home right now. Mark has been traveling back and forth from Atlanta for two weeks to work. He comes home on the weekends long enough for me to realize I missed him 10x more than I thought.
Last week I was so good. I think because didn’t think about much more than that week. This week has be horrible. I hate this. Sorry to complain. I feel as if Satan won a battle on Sunday. I could hardly enjoy our Launch Sunday because all I could think about was Mark leaving…. that’s not good.
BUT… I saw a glimmer of sun today….literally! Like I said it has been cloudy and dreary for about a week here. I was driving and talking to God. I said, “God, I need some sunshine! I am so down right now some sun would be good. I know what the weather channel said but you are a God of all weather! Please give me some sun!”
The clouds were pretty thick so I did not think much of my prayer. And you want to know some thing…. not more than an hour later, I walked outside to perfectly blue skies! God not only let a little sun shine through the clouds but dried up every last cloud over Savannah! Seeing those blue skies encouraged me tremendously!
It showed me two things…
– God is great but His love is individual.
– God is a God over the weather and all things great! He can find my husband a job in the Savannah area!


2 Comments on “A chance of rain and heavy fog…”

  1. Ruthie says:

    I am so praying for him to get a job down there. I know it is tough for you guys and I’m sorry 😦
    Hey, but if God can sell your house in this economy, a job is going to be easy 🙂

  2. So true Ruthie : ) Thanks! Love you too~

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