I love Publix!

(Ok I think I am becoming lamer by the day but I don’t care : )

I have always loved shopping at Publix. They are clean. Their products are such better quality and I don’t know why it is just a much better shopping experience! I never shopped there unless it was the only thing I passed because of the prices.

There is Publix two minutes away from our house and I have been doing our weekly shopping there. I have actually been saving a lot of money! Two weeks ago I saved $75! Ok $25 was a gift card but still that is awesome! Ask Mark how many times I mentioned that…. I get really excited over the small things…


I shop weekly- which actually saves Mark and I money verses the monthly shopping we used to do.

I joined their baby club and get amazing coupons in the mail!!! (-$5 off diapers, -$1.50 off baby food, -$1 off deli items and even coupons for free stuff like lotion and hand sanitizer). They have a toddler club too.

I stock up on the buy one get one free things! I try to only buy things we typically use and stock up while prices are good! Today I got bogo Pepsi products, cereal, tomatoe sauce and noodles – all things we regularly have in the pantry.

Seriously they should hire me for a commercial : )

Just thought I would share.


3 Comments on “I love Publix!”

  1. monica says:

    I am a Target junkie for sure. I have made a comparison chart though (last summer, seriously I did) of the things I buy most. I compared Ingles, Target, Walmart & Kroger. (We don’t have a Publix close enough to consider convenient) Anyhow. Walmart was cheaper on most things by a few cents, BUT… there are a handful of things I buy that they were .25 cents or so more expensive on. So, in the end when I consider hassle, parking, easy checkout, what’s easy for me, Target wins. 🙂 I was thrilled. I do stop at Kroger for certain things that Target doesn’t carry from time to time.

    I must join the baby club!

    And… I also discovered just in the last few months that shopping weekly is a SERIOUS PAIN for me, but it does save for us. Then again, that could be because I am so picky these days and we are eating “strange and plain” compared to ever before. As plain and strange as it is though, we’ve saved a ton of money! Even with Andy picking up supper at least once a week. 😉

  2. kimist says:

    Hey I’m such a Publix junkie too! Last week they paid me 31cents to take 2 cans of rotel tomatoes from them. Now to find a good deal on chips and velveta. I can’t do Walmart because they dont double coupons. So I usually hit up publix and kroger each week. Glad I’m not alone in my money saving madness! I thrive on it!

  3. mikey says:

    i have to drive to the island for publix now… all i have is a piggly wiggly and a very OLD kroger! nasty!

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