25 things

Ok I have been tagged in this things like 50 times….

I decided to do something different inspired by someone else’s blog….25 things I am learning….because I am learning a lot right now…sometimes I wonder if I really know anything because I have so much to learn!

I am learning…

25. How to feed myself and feed a hugry baby at the same time.

24. How to balance a 18lb. baby, groceries, diaper bag, purse and keys in the rain : ).

23. That I don’t appreciate my husband as much as I should.

22. How to think like a 7 month old and baby proof a house (bolt book shelf to the wall, tie up wires, keep the floors clean…he finds everything… )

21. To think outside of the “box”.

20. To make every dollar “scream”… I always need to work on this one.

19. To find joy in every situation.

18. To survive thrive outside of my comfort zone.

17. To choose joy when it is hard.

16. Contentment.

15. To say “Yes” to God when it does not make sense at all.

14. How to vent to God and not my friends and husband.

13. How to drive around a new city with an insane amount of traffic (…and I’m from Atlanta!).

12. How to really pray.

11. That Trey’s two hour naps are a blessing from God!

10. That what is best for my child may not be written in a book.

9. I need to work out more.

8. That eating well makes a big difference in the way I feel!

7.  To love hardwood floors.

6. That Mac’s really are amazing…. we want one!

5. That plaster walls make it impossible hang pictures!

4. That the last 15lbs. of the pregnancy weight is impossible to get off!

3. To savor every moment with our sweet baby. He grows up too fast!

2. To live on little sleep.

1. That God really is good and He really does love me!


One Comment on “25 things”

  1. rachel says:

    i love you!!! miss you!!!!

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