Every once in a while I have a good idea…

So like I said its rare but I thought I might share my latest….

I made this for my kitchen.


I don’t know what to call it… hmm…. my organization board. Sure. I love organization! Love it! I am also very absent minded so I need it.With this marvelous contraption, I have a check list for when I have paid bills, to-do list and a weekly calendar.

I had an old picture frame I got at Goodwill for $1.31 (I know this because it is written on the back : ). I took the back off and lined it with scrapbook paper and added stickers and notes. I assembled it all back together. Since the front is plastic you can write on it with a dry erase marker. So I can check off my bills paid, cross off to-do list and change out our weekly activities!

I love this thing!

I also made this a couple of years ago for an art class in college.


In my class, we had to make something that somehow told about ourselves. I lined a glass vase with magazine clipping, words and pictures that described me. I used modge podge glue to layer them on the inside. Last, I lined the inside of the vase with tissue paper to fill in any gaps and added an extra layer of modge podge to seel it. You have to work from the bottom to the top for best results.

I have always been quite fond of it. When we moved, I decided to put it in my kitchen for the color. Shelly actually came up with a great idea to make one for grandparents or family for birthdays or Christmas with pictures of the kids and words describing that person.  (Hmmm… if you are a grandparent of Trey’s forget you read that).I thought that was so clever!

So that one wasn’t even my great idea but Shelly’s!

I love coming up with short cuts, organization tools, or anything that can make my home run more efficiently! Do you have any good ones?


One Comment on “Every once in a while I have a good idea…”

  1. BetsyandAdam says:

    well this may not be what you’re looking for, but we have a lot of cutting boards and cooling racks for baked items. I ended up going to target and buying one of those file separaters to keep them standing up and organized in my cabinet.

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