Things I love about Savannah!

I am falling in love with this city!
– I love the weird way it smells….like the marsh!
– I love the big old trees!
– I love the Spanish moss.
– …the beautiful old houses!
– … the fact that we live only minutes from the beach!
-…. that I can get just about anywhere I need to go in less that 15 minutes!
– … that I fill up my car maybe twice a month now.
– …. that there is sand in my yard (I don’t think Mark likes that… he wants grass).
– …. that I have beautiful palm trees in our yard!
– …. that we have a walking mail man that brings our mail right to our door : ) So quaint!
– … that Trey and I can walk to the park.
– … when I am at very ordinary places, like the grocery store, I can see seagulls flying over head.
– I love the people!
– I love our house ( I am soon going to write a whole post just about it with pictures!)
– I know I am going to LOVE the spring!!! I can’t wait!
Most of all I love that God has invited us to be apart of a movement down here! He is working and we get to be apart of it. I’m learning to love a new city and most of all the people in it!!!


4 Comments on “Things I love about Savannah!”

  1. monica says:

    I love Savannah too!! I love that it has a big history and it’s still shows off it’s history. The trolley’s you pass giving tours, the moss oh yes the moss, minutes from the beach and a palm tree in your yard sound heavenly. Beautiful city, I could move there. It just screams “southern charm” to me!!!

  2. kimist says:

    I love it too. It just screams the south! There is something about spanish moss on trees that excite me. Although I’m not too found of the smell! I hope yall are doing well. I enjoy your updates!

  3. shellygarvin says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the exception of the marsh thing 🙂

  4. Misty Dolph says:

    Hi! I’m a friend of Aimee’s and our classrooms are actually right next door to each other. I’ve been following your journey via Aimee’s blog! I think it’s awesome! I actually got to meet your little guy Thursday at school at the consignment sale. He’s a doll! As a matter of fact I think I met you and your husband one time when you came to visit Monica. She is one of my very best friends. You may be the talented lady who painted my “Mrs. Dolph” sign that Monica gave me and I have hanging in my room.

    We were just in Savannah a couple of weeks ago for my daughter to sing in the Georgia All State Chorus. We too fell in love with the city. Even our two boys who are 11 and 8 absolutely adored it. They were amazed that the buildings had been around for so very long. We went to the cemetery one evening and they were fascinated that some of the graves were from the Revolutionary War, which our oldest son is studying. We can’t wait to visit again.

    So, just wanted to introduce myself and tell you that we love your city too!

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