Feeding that baby

Well Trey has been through all the “phases”. He loves food but I feel like I am throwing money away with buying jars and jars of baby food. Trey “graduated” to stage 3 but I refuse to buy $1.00 jars of food. I just added a stage 2 ($1 vs. 14 cents… no brainer!).
Anyway I really want to make his baby food but I can’t seem to get it right. I tried butternut squash and peaches and he had nothing to do with it. Urgh! I want to save money and give him better food…. any suggestions?


5 Comments on “Feeding that baby”

  1. kermooch says:

    Did you read Kendra’s posts on making baby food? She seemed to have it down. I wanted to try it, but I blinked and Sadie was done with baby food 🙂

  2. By that age I just put what ever we were having in a mini-food chopper that I have and the baby had what ever we were having. 🙂

  3. citystreams says:

    I started buying the store brand adult apple sauce containers at that point. You know, the kind that you take in your lunch to work. It’s chunkier than stage 1 but perfect for stage 3. It’s been a year but I think a six pack was about $1.50. You could even buy the big jar of applesauce, but I was taking them to daycare every day so I needed portable sizes.

  4. Thanks Ladies! I will have to look up Kendra’s blog! I have tried blending our food. I thought it messed up his stomach but that may have been related to something else. I was wondering if I could go ahead and do that or if I needed another “step” in between. It would definitely be cheaper so I will give it another try : )
    The applesauce is a great idea! He loves it too!

  5. ruthie says:

    if he is like his father he will only eat steak and a some sort of potato. No veggies…;)

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