Dear Church,

God has reminded me of a passage tonight.

John 5: 2-9 shares an interesting encounter between Jesus and a man who could not walk. The man is waiting at a  pool where multitudes who were sick and lame would wait for a ‘moving of the waters’. When the waters moved they would then step into the pool to become healed. Jesus walks up to this one man and says simply, “Do you wish to be well?“.

Then the man answers with this, “Sir, I have no one to put me in the pool when the water is stirred up, but while I am coming another step down before me.” In other words he answers Jesus with WHINING!

I am not a prophet like my husband, but I have my moments. Every once in a while I must say it like it is…. and lately I have noticed a lot of negativity and whining in the church! I admit it has come from me too. But it is time to get over it friends!

I can almost see Jesus stretching out his hand to His Bride saying, “Do you wish to be well...” and what do we say… we do the same…. we WHINE… “yea, but my job, the economy, my house, my friends, my bank account, where I live, and  well because of those things… you know I can’t.” With all respect and love, we need to shut up and look up!

Look up to the one who asked the question: JESUS! When we stand before God, do we forget who we are talking to???? The King of Kings, Lord of Lords, (aka President of Presidents), Creator of the world you live in, all knowing of your current situation and in control your present circumstances!!!!

Jesus commands to that man, “Get up, pick up your pallet and walk“. You know I think a lot of us have gotten quite comfortable on our little “pallets of pity”. I love that Jesus says “pick up your pallet”. Things just aren’t that bad….. they aren’t. But nonetheless even if they are…. we are not in heaven yet! God never promised roses and comfort on this side of eternity. So get  over it and get on with what God has called you to do! I do not want to stand before God one day and see all that I missed because I was too busy whining and stressing out to look up and see what God had done.

Church,with a heavy heart I beg you, this has got to stop!

There is good news though. He invites us to walk….not run or sprint but walk with Him! So take the first step out of pity. How? Shut up and Look up! Why did the dude at the well not whine anymore after Jesus told him to get up? I think it is because he realized who he was talking to… Jesus!


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