Nautical Nursery #3

One good thing about moving three times since Trey has been born is that I got to decorate 3 nurseries! I love it so it is a lot of fun to me ! Although, I think I am done for a while!

Well, I finally finished his room this afternoon! I had to post the pictures! I love our house and I love his new room!

If  I finish cleaning up, maybe I will post some more pictures of our “new” old house!





This new room was big enough to add a twin bed. I love having it in there! We can snuggle up and read books! I change him on it because he is too big for the changing table and it is a nice place to nap!


2 Comments on “Nautical Nursery #3”

  1. […] More pics of our new nursery here. […]

  2. monica says:

    Love it! Now, you have to come HERE so you can help finish up OUR nursery! 🙂 I need your steady hand and artistic ability to get my verse on the wall. Right now everything from the closet is in the floor b/c Andy had to paint stuff on a water spot in the closet. It’s a disaster in there. Love it, love it, love it!! (Trey’s that is)

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