Baby Sleep Saga…

So one thing I said I would “never” do is let our child sleep in our bed. I am weird about our bed. I did not like the idea of having a child laying in the middle of us. Well…. OH WELL… so much for that “never”. Trey started out awesome. I read some books and talked to some friends and we decided Trey would sleep in his bed from day one. It actually worked out pretty well. Even though Trey was on lights for the first couple of nights he was home, he slept in his bed. I did cheat a little. I slept on a blow up mattress next to his bed…. (looking back… recovering from a C-section by sleeping on an air mattress….not a great idea…. but I am a stubborn one). So by the time Trey was 6 weeks old he was sleeping through the night in his bed. Beautiful.
But then life happened. We sold our house around Trey’s 2 month birthday and moved in with my parents. Trey did have his own room there but it was in the middle of all the bedrooms. So between not wanting to make nights miserable for my family and dealing with all the transition, somehow that baby found his way into our bed by 3 am every night.
We later moved down here to Savannah. I was husband-less five nights a week so I did not feel like dealing with the bed issue.
So now seven months later, I want that baby out of my bed! He kicks and turns and now wakes up at various intervals in the night to play. He always starts out in his bed. But around 12-2am he wakes up and wants to get in our bed. This has got to end! But how????
If I have not mentioned this before, I seriously have one of the most stubborn babies ever born. Now, he is also the sweetest but ridiculously stubborn! Grandparents and even friends have commented on it. So the “cry-it-out” method literally could mean crying all night (1-5 at least)! I think we are going to stick with going in there every 5,10,15, 20 mins. Sometimes it works sometimes not. (Sigh….he is screaming as I write this). We are finally at a point where we can be consistent but it is not a fun battle! I hate hearing him scream and yes I honestly worry if he can hurt himself the way he wails! I feel like a bad mom…. he doesn’t understand…. last night he could get in bed with me… and not tonight. If I could only talk to him and he could understand….
Ok now I am babbling. It is late ; )


4 Comments on “Baby Sleep Saga…”

  1. Cortney says:

    Hey! I understand how you fee. Sarah Ann is not the best sleeper either!

    Let me know if you find any answers! Sarah Ann still gets up once in the night, but we are really trying to keep her in her bed.

    I am not a huge fan of babywise, but I know of people who swear by it.

  2. Aimee says:

    When we did this with Layla she spend about 2 or 3 nights crying it out all night, but then she realized I wasn’t going to get her. If you are consistent it should work.

  3. kimist says:

    I am right there with you! Anna Grace still gets in bed with us. I keep telling her when Sophie gets here that won’t work. My problem is she says mommy, mommy?, mommy?! you wait so long to hear those words and they just melt your heart. I can say that there are nights when we let her cry…I need to do this again. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. citystreams says:

    If you can’t stand the crying, someone told me once that they started sleeping in the room next to the crib on a blow up mattress. The first night, they would sleep close enough that they could reach up and touch the baby without getting up. Then each night they moved the air mattress farther away until they were sleeping just outside the door. And then outside the room.

    Bri coslept with me until she was six months old. Hubs was at police academy during that time and I was able to wean her out of the bed. I just let her cry all night. Just about broke my heart. But it got better the next day. And by the end of the week we were all sleeping in the right places.

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