So, this year I totally failed. Easter came and went. I didn’t do anything special. We didn’t do an Easter basket, we didn’t even buy new clothes. I don’t think those things are very important but I do want to replace the things we “don’t do” with fun things we can do. (I mean I know this year Trey would have had no idea but still…) I want Easter to be a big deal at our house…. just as big of a deal as Christmas if possible.
So I am looking for ideas! Seriously, the only thing that comes to mind is resurrection rolls and I don’t even know if that is direction I want to go in… I want to celebrate Jesus during the Easter “season” next year. Any ideas?


One Comment on “Easter”

  1. heiditheophilus says:

    I love that you didn’t fall prey to the commercialism of another holiday. Keep the holidays what they were intended to be – holy… particularly Easter, the holiest of all Christian celebrations! 🙂

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