Baby sleep saga Night #2

Tonight has been the worst yet. I tried to go to bed earlier to be ready to fight later. Trey just ended up waking up earlier. Luckily he went back down after about 45 mins. He then woke up at 1:45 am. This is where I have messed up…. After he first woke up he needed a diaper change so I did that and tried to rock him a little. After he fought me, I laid him down and let him cry. He screamed!!! He got himself so upset that he hit his head on the crib. Then there was a different scream. I picked him up, rocked him again…. walked him and tried to get him asleep but he fought again. I laid him down. He screamed and then went silent. I thought he was just about to kick it in high gear but no… nothing….. So after about 10 mins. I get worried. He usually dies off with the crying not just all to nothing. So I went in to check on him.
Bad idea.
Board creaked as I began to step through the door and he woke right up!
Great…. now he is crying again. I am awesome.
Another long night. I am glad his daddy will be home tomorrow.


One Comment on “Baby sleep saga Night #2”

  1. Mimi says:

    I am so sorry. I feel like this is all my fault. I probably wished this upon you while wrestling with his daddy one night. Mark never slept. Believe me, if he would have slept in my bed, he could have. He just never slept. I sincerely apologize.

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