Baby Saga continued….

I was afraid to blog too soon… but he has been sleeping through the night most nights this week. Sunday, he spoiled me and slept until 7. I got Mark off to work and had a whole hour alone in peace and quiet before he woke up. Every other night this week he has slept through the night but woken up (Wide Awake) at 5am. I don’t know which I would rather have. Waking up from 2-4am or waking up at 5am every morning. Oh well…It is better nonetheless!
Tips…. I have been stubbornly persistent about him not sleeping in our bed. I also switched around his bottle schedule. He only has 4 a day right now. I took away his early am bottle and am giving him formula in a sippy cup. Then he has a bottle before both naptimes and then of coarse bed. I think it helped to have the full belly right before naptime and bedtime!
Any other tips on battling the nap and nighttime schedule are welcomed! : )


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