Am I ready for more…. ?

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have three babies in the house…. mine and two I “keep”. Trey LOVES having his friends to play with! While they are playing and laughing I think, “Awww…. maybe I am ready for another one…” Then comes lunch and nap time. Lunch is like a three ring circus of food. I am trying to get everybody’s lunch on the table, feed the baby baby, keep my child’s food coming on his tray and monitor the two year old to make sure he is eating properly. On good days I get to eat too : )
Nap time is much like today… change everyone’s diapers, bottle for baby, lay him down. Give Trey his bottle and lay him in his bed. Then turn on a movie for the oldest to fall asleep to. I go in the kitchen try to find food for myself, sit down, take a look at my addiction, facebook….. silence….. that is until Trey starts screaming because he is done playing and doesn’t want to go to sleep. That wakes to other baby up. By the time I get one back to sleep the other one wakes up. They rotate on and off… like a fun little baby game….. by the time this is done the oldest is done with his nap.
So much for that break….
Then I think, “Hmmm…. maybe we will wait a while on that next baby.”
I think one is good for now : )


One Comment on “Am I ready for more…. ?”

  1. monica says:

    Made me laugh!

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