Baby Wise

I have been wanting to blog about this for awhile…
When I was pregnant a friend introduced me to the book “BabyWise”. It was actually difficult and overwhelming for me to read while I was pregnant. The more I read the more I realized I didn’t know. We did decided we were going to put Trey on a schedule and would figure out the details when they came.
We brought Trey home from the hospital and put him on a 3 hour schedule and also put him straight in crib (no pack and play in our room). I think I went a little crazy with the whole babywise thing! If I could go back I would have calmed it down a notch! : ) But, Trey was sleeping through the night at 6 weeks… so I don’t know.
Anyway, as I mentioned before life happened and his night schedule got a little messed up. He was no longer sleeping through the night and such. After we moved to Savannah I was able to get him on an awesome daytime schedule! We are still tweaking his night time sleep but overall he does well.

So, although I can’t believe it, we are almost to the end of our first year! I was thinking about the Babywise issue and how stressed I was about all the details of that stuff this time last year and thinking I would write a “review” or rather I will list positive and negative things…..
– We have a schedule! I love schedules! Mark and I also do better when everyday has some set routine…. Trey is no exception.
– In the beginning I was recovering from a C-section and was already worn out. With Trey on some sort of a feeding schedule I was able to rest and not be worn out from on-demand feeding.
– We had a great night time routine and Trey always goes down well.
– Trey knows what to expect as far as naps and bedtime go.
– Trey ate well

– I had a hard time enjoying those first couple of months. I got really caught up in what Trey was “supposed to do”.
– I was very stressed out in the beginning.

Baby Wise works great for our family. I have come off it a little. I use it like a guide. When we are having problems I check out the book. I have learned over the last year to take all the parenting advice “with a grain of salt”. I take it in and process it the best way that fits for us. I have learned to be very flexible (which is not a product of Babywise). I want Trey to have structure and routine but also freedom for us to enjoy him. He does not have set hourly naps (ie always napping from 8:30- 10) but he always has a morning and afternoon nap and they are usually around the same time but not always. So like I said Baby Wise is a guideline for us : )

Anyway if you are interested there is a great blog I found for Baby Wise moms here.


3 Comments on “Baby Wise”

  1. BetsyandAdam says:

    I agree whole-heartedly!!! Since I went back to work there are hour windows where she will eat but overall we’ve got a routine and we’ve stuck to it. I personally think she’s a calm and happy baby and I attribute most of it to the scheduling introduced with babywise.

  2. I agree Betsy. I think babies need some kind of schedule and I think they are happier : )

  3. cortneyhope says:

    Good post—I do like the scheduling concept…I think it is important for a happy baby and a sane Mommy. I just don’t like the sometimes crying part!

    My mom said she saw you Saturday at the wedding–I would love to see you sometime too! Maybe we can meet in Charleston! It is only 2 hours from me 🙂

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