Good Week

I have had a good week. It has not been an easy one but good one.
I feel like is giving me back my zeal for Him. For way to long I have been cynical and dry…. Do you ever go through dry seasons? I have.
Anyway, Canvas hosted a group from West Palm Beach through something called Powerplant this week. I really knew very little about it and did not get to participate in as much as I wanted because of work and the boy. What little I was around these middle schoolers was very encouraging.
One kid has made an impression on me that I don’t know if I will ever forget. I don’t even know his name…
All week the kids did different service projects from working in the parking lot at the theater to handing out bottles of water at a park (and trust me in Savannah this week… those bottles were needed!). Wednesday, the kids went to the Baptist Center downtown to do a cook out event. Mark, Trey and I headed over there after Mark got off work. I had a horrible attitude from the second I got out of the car. It was hot and I really did not want to be there. I parked Trey’s stroller near the coolers and did very little to nothing.
I was watching the kids. I recognized on of the middle schoolers from an event earlier in the week. He was diabetic. So is my dad so I always take notice to that type of thing. This boy was always with one of the kids. Later, I noticed him sitting on the curb with his hand around another boy with a track in his hand. He was sharing the gospel with this kid.
As I starred at him someone commented that he had been doing that ever since they got there. “He has been sharing with any of the kids who will stop and listen.”
My heart broke.
When was the last time I did that?
No. When was the last time I even thought about talking to someone about the gospel?
Sometimes I get so bogged down with the day to day stuff in ministry I forget what it is all about. Worrying and stressing about rather or not God will come through with what He called us to do in the first place takes up too much room in my mind and heart. I feel godly or like I am doing enough just because I moved from my home town and pray to make ends meet.
God convicted me. Am I making the most of every opportunity? Do I love Him so much I can’t help but share? Do I love others that much?
That middle school kid gets it.
The next day I kept two older kids I normally don’t. I talked about God with them. I don’t know how much sense I made but at least I know that they know something about Jesus….that I did not totally waste a God ordained opportunity by looking at them as an additional pay check.
I pray God will continue to make my heart more like His…. I have so far to go.


One Comment on “Good Week”

  1. citystreams says:

    It was so much easier to be bold when we were kids, though. I find myself so caught up in what people will think of me nowadays. When did that happen?

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