Mommy Survey

A friend posted this on her blog. I thought it would be a fun way to take my mind of things : )
I love surveys!

1. favorite diapers? Pampers! I love when I get coupons for them!
2. favorite wipes? Has to be either Huggies on Pampers. Trey breaks out with any other.
3. wipe warmer, no wipe warmer? No… I wish I had one in the early days!
4. sleep in gowns or footsies? Footsies….. now t-shirts and cotton pants and shorts : )
5. schedule, don’t schedule? Schedule but VERY flexible! This poor boy has no choice but to be flexible in the church planting world!
6. current favorite toys? links or rings, Mimi and Pappy’s wodden blocks, Grandaddy and KK’s activity table, balls, walkers, and this little wind up hellicopter that is beyond amusing to him : )
7. three things you couldn’t live with out the first few months? Boppie, BURP RAGS!, passie
8. something you can’t have too many of? Passies
9. three things you couldn’t live with out once the baby is moving? PLAY YARD!!!Love it! walkers and kisses for when he falls and bumps his head : )
10. favorite new baby invention? Passie leash…. we don’t go many places without it
11. favorite nursing pads? Thick ones ; )
12. favorite bottle? Drop ins…. hated the Playtex Air flow. They would always leak…. one time all over my phone!
13. favorite car toys? hmm…. anything with wheels. He loves cars.
14. favorite teether? Ummmm anything he can put in his mouth!
15. changing table, no changing table? Changing table… he has less room to move around!
16. breast milk or formula? Breastfeed for 4 months…. lost milk and went to formula…. will try to breastfeed longer with the next one…. much cheaper!!!
17. make baby food, buy baby food? both. He did not eat baby food long… maybe a month or so… then he ate our food chopped or blended.
18. first food after cereal? Green beans I think.
19. did you use your baby carrier? Yes, until he reached about 6 months. He was too heavy to carry in it so I would rather take him out if he was not asleep. At 9 months he out grew his carrier’s weight limit. He is now in a “big boy” carseat. I can’t wait to be able to turn him around… two more weeks : )
20. how old when slept in own crib (not bassinet)? From day one… really we were crazy! He always starts in his bed. At 3 am or so he wakes up… and well that’s a different story : ) Oh well… we haven’t had the energy to try to fix that lately.
21. do you use a sleep positioner? Yes, we used that for a while. He has reflux so we actually had this little thing that kept him elevated. Even when he was older he liked the positioner because it made him feel snug. Now he uses his Boppie as a pillow…. I know… its probably “not allowed” but he loves it. I think he thinks he is being held.
22. back sleeper or tummy sleeper? He was always a back sleeper when he was little but now he rolls all around.
23. favorite part about being a mom? Wow! Where do I begin…. I don’t know… I love it! His smile, getting to know him and his personality, being able to watch him experience everything the first time, teaching him… can you really describe it? I never could have imagined how awesome it would be!
24. hardest part about being a mom? Disipling, letting go and watching the grow up too fast! (I agree!)
25. favorite mommy accessories? I did not like this SUV before but I do love my 2000 Ford Expedition. I can load up a lot of babies and baby stuff in it! The other day I had five kids, three in car seats, and a double stoller in the car. And we all sat pretty comfortable and safe!
Other than that my giant hips that God gave me! They are great for totting around babies!


One Comment on “Mommy Survey”

  1. Kim arrowood says:

    Trisha, I may have some pampers coupons if you email me your address I can send them if I have them. Also is Trey on formula..I’ve got random samples that Sophie can’t use because of her milk/soy intolerance.

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