creatively frustrated.

I am a creative person.
I credit it to my mom. She is very creative I could not help but pick up on it growing up.
I love to paint, decorate, draw, make stuff, cook, rearrange furniture, and all that. I love to find solutions to problems or figure out a different way to do things. At my old job, I always worked on a very limited budget. But I liked it! I got to put my creativity to use.
My two favorite classes in college was my Art for Educators class… for obvious reasons and my English 1102 class because my teacher was amazing! She let us freely write about unique and personal topics.
Anyway, I have been frustrated. I have no outlet for creativity anymore. We are renting our house and its for sale so I can’t do much at home… leaving me very frustrated.
Sometimes my job as a mommy gets pretty bland. Don’t get me wrong. I love it. I am just not as good at figuring out how use my creativity in this phase of my life.
My prayer right now is that God will open some new doors, some avenues for me to make some money for our family using the talents He has given me. I just need to try some things. I need to get better at taking risk and trying things!


One Comment on “creatively frustrated.”

  1. monica says:

    You need to paint things and sell ’em on ETSY!! My friend Lindsey (you may know her) is selling dresses she’s sewing like crazy on there and is busy non stop!!!

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