– We are moving Sat. I am exhausted!
– I love my little boy more everyday! I know I say this at each “phase” but this one is my favorite!
– Trey is constantly pretending to talk on the phone. At this stage their actions are mostly imitation. Do you think I am talking on the phone a lot? Hey, my husband has been working 12 and 13 hour days I have to get me “words” in somewhere!
– I am reaaallly tired….. did I mention that?
– I am ready to settle! But then again do we ever get to “settle” in the ministry world? I think we are supposed to settle a little more than we have in the last year though.
– God is awesome! I look at the way He is providing and has provided this year and I am dumbfounded! Really! I have no words…. He is awesome!
– I really want to find a Mother’s morning out or something like that for Trey. I would like a little break but I really think he needs some more social interaction. He LOVES kids! I am praying we meet some kids and mommies in our new community.
– Oh! I am already feeling baby 2! Just this week I have noticed it. During the day I am constantly moving around. When I lay down or get in the bath I feel the little movements. I guess I wake him or her up : ) I forgot how awesome that is! I finally feel pregnant. In the early weeks I just feel sick.
-We have an awesome church family! They have helped us a lot through this whole move!
– I’m excited about the things coming up for Canvas! Exciting Stuff!
– My husband is great! He works hard for our family… I know he is worn out from this over time season. We miss him too!
-Well I am tired and going to bed…..


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