Pulling “all nighters” should be left to college students!

This has been with out a doubt the most chaotic move I have ever been apart of! I have moved 11 times (4 just within this year) and this one wins! Mark has been working overtime for the last 7 weeks. This means he works from 6:15-7 or sometime 8 at night. Although we are thankful for the extra money, the timing fell at a crazy time with being pregnant and finding out we were moving.
I did the best I could (although I am still mentally beating myself up) but the house was not completely packed up on Saturday when the truck arrived. Pregnant weariness + a crazy one year old + no husband = moving day disaster! Our amazing friends showed up in droves to help us move! We even had some awesome friends hook us up with a free truck! But after the first load they were just throwing junk in the truck. I had been so focused on packing and selling furniture that would not fit, I forgot to figure out where things would go once they got to the apartment. So on Saturday when friends were bringing stuff in, I had no idea where to tell them to put it. Thus the apartment looked like a storage unit after about 15 minutes…. and more stuff just kept coming!
Our church family is AMAZING though and we could not have done this move without them!!!! We love them so much!
So anyway come Monday and we have 24 hours to be out of our house. I spent the day over there with Trey cleaning and packing up even more of our junk. Any experienced mover would tell you your kitchen should be the first thing set up at the new house. Well…. that just did not happen this time for me. On Monday, my kitchen was in tack…. at the old house! After spending the whole day over there, Mark and I went to “finish up” after he got off work. Well…. we underestimated the task. 12 am came and went. Several trips later (with Trey in tow… sound asleep), 1 Rockstar energy drink, and some innovative packing we finally finished the job. We shut the door to the old house at 7:30am!!! Yep we pulled an “all nighter”! We are nuts!
Looking back I think we will find this to be a funny story. Trey slept through the whole thing. I have never been more envious of my child! Baby #2 was begging me to go to bed… but we made it : ) Mark is awesome! I know he is physically worn out! He has been working his tail off! I am just glad we are on this side of the whole moving thing! And you know what I think I am actually really going to like this apartment! We love the community (lots of young families!), I really like the layout of this apartment and I really like the financial breathing room : )
God is good to us! Following Him has been one crazy adventure but I would not trade it for anything! He gives me peace in uncertain times, strength I do not have, joy and peace in odd places and amazing people to share the journey with! We are so blessed!!!!


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