Monday Morning random thoughts:

– It is beautiful here in Savannah! It FINALLY feels like fall (aka not 90 degrees outside) I guess all those days I wore long sleeve shirts anyway worked : )
– I am feeling very pregnant these days! I have had really bad back pain lately. I take a hot bath numerous times a day and keep a heating pad handy. Sometimes it is so bad I feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. Most of the time it is pretty manageable. I try to pick up Trey a little less and am continuing to work out to try to maintain back and ab strength. But I am getting kind of nervous that it is this bad and the baby is only the size of an “heirloom tomato” (according to
– This Friday I will 20 weeks which is super exciting! Next Wednesday we find out the sex of the baby! We are getting very excited about our new addition. Oddly every since I had Trey, I felt like somebody was missing. I don’t think our family is “complete” but I know this baby is our “missing piece” : )
– Trey has lost his mind… no really I love my son more than I can handle but something has taken him over the last couple of days. He has been pitching insane fits over things that never used to bother him… I mean insane fits…. ask some of our friends at church ; ) He also has become in love with the term “mine” or “NINE” as he says and “NO” or “NA!” I swear we have hit the terrible twos 9 months early!
– I don’t know if this is due to pregnancy but I have been very crafty lately : ) I may not be able to afford anything on but it gives me lots of ideas!!! I am excited about making things for Christmas…. friends and family beware!
– We are headed to Atlanta later this week to visit family. I am excited it has been awhile since we have been up there! My sister-in-law’s and I are throwing a shower for my sister-in-law. She is due on Mark and I’s anniversary and I can’t wait to meet our new nephew!!!
-Mark is not working crazy overtime hours anymore! It has been SO nice to be able to spend more time together! Trey and I have missed him terribly!
-We are getting settled in our apartment! I really do love it! It works perfectly for us right now! It forces me to be creative …. we can’t paint! I am a lover of color so that’s a hard one but I have made it work : )
– I just love the season we are in right now! From now until New Year’s is my favorite time of year!
– In exactly one month, Mark and I will have been married 4 years! I can’t believe it! Sometimes it feels like 4 months and sometimes it feels like 14 years! We came a little short with our “5 year plan” for waiting to have kids : ) But these have definitely been the best 4 years of my life! I love him very much!
I will stop rambling now…… Happy Monday!


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