Trusting God with Money

I was putting up Trey’s clothes today. I was reminded of God’s immense faithfulness!
A couple weeks ago, I was putting up Trey’s clothes and surveying his closet. He did not have as many fall/winter clothes as I had originally thought. As I was putting up clothes I realized too my maternity capris weren’t going to cut it in the colder months either. Why did I have to be pregnant in opposite seasons? I began to get stressed. I realized we really needed some clothes (not like I have maybe said before when my clothes were out of style and I had “nothing” to wear). As I took back his laundry basket, I walked by some bills that were sitting on the counter. I had just looked at the bank account. These were not “monthly” bills and I knew we didn’t have it to pay them.
I started praying- this is a brilliant, deep, Christian concept, I know but I am learning. I reminded God we were here because He called us here and we are trusting Him. Usually when I pray I have some back up plan in my head like “may we get that check we have been waiting on” or something. But this time I had nothing. Just praying God would make it rain money or something : )
Well later that week, we got a completely unexpected refund from a company. It was a nice refund too!
I was able to do all the things I lifted up in prayer to God through that unexpected money.
I was putting up Trey’s clothes today. I was able to go shopping for him and we got some unexpected gifts from family. My son has MORE than he ever dreamed of needing! I thought God, “You are ridiculous in the way You provide! You are so good!”
Over the last two years we have found that sometimes trusting Him with money is not as pretty. Sometimes there is a greater work to be done in our heart and new ways to trust Him. I don’t want to air our dirty laundry out on the internet but I do want to be sure I give God the glory for all that He has done for us! I also want to encourage you to trust Him! Trust Him! He is good! Rather He works internally or externally, He is the God of this universe and He cares enough to work in your life…. and that is good!
And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” – Phil 4:19


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