It’s a girl!

Everything went great! She is laying transverse. She was actually facing the sonogram camera… that’s why her eyes look funny : )
She was not moving around as much as her older brother did during his ultrasound… hopefully a sign of a little more passive personality. All her anatomy checked out well. We got to see her heart, stomach, kidneys and bladder. We even got to see her brain… so amazing!
The ultrasound room was really neat. They had a 42″ TV hooked up so we could see the ultrasound monitor better. Trey kept pointing at the TV saying “Ball!”. I guess he was disappointed in our TV selection… silly boy!
I was very shocked to find out she was a girl! We went to Baby’s R Us afterward and saw so many cute little girl things! I can’t wait! I bought some girly fabric to make something for her. I am feeling crafty : )
Can’t wait to meet this sweet girl!


One Comment on “It’s a girl!”

  1. cortneyhope says:

    Congratulations!! Little girls are sooo much fun!! 🙂

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