Crazy Week

This pregnancy has been pretty smooth up until this week. I had the usual morning sickness… on past the beginning of the second trimester. Other than that I honestly have not had much time to think about being pregnant between chasing after a crazy little boy and our “eventful” fall season.
I started noticing my heart would randomly start pounding for no reason. This happened some in the beginning of my pregnancy but I thought it was due to my slightly low thyroid. This time the heart palpitations did not go away as quickly as before . I had some light headedness and one day had numbness and tightening in my left arm. I went to the doctor who refereed me to a cardiologist.
Long story short…. they want to monitor my heart over the next 30 days. I have this little heart monitor that I use to record my heart when I notice the pounding. Mark says it sounds like they are sending signals to the “mothership”. It does make this alien like noise : ) The cardiologist is concerned the my preeclampsia with Trey in addition to this pregnancy has weakened my heart. They are tracking everything to see if this is the case…. hopefully not! Hopefully its nothing! : )
We will see…. I am just glad Ella is okay and this does not directly affect her.
I have decided that some women are just designed to have babies… they have easy pregnancies and deliveries. I am NOT one of those women! My body does not do well carrying babies. It does not even know how to let them out… thus I have to have a C-section. Oh well… its okay… C-section babies have pretty heads : )

My mom and sister came down this week for a day and then took the boy back to Atlanta with them. It was the hardest thing in the world to send him to Atlanta without me but it was for the best. I got some rest and Mark and I enjoyed some time together. We both miss him like crazy though! We can hardly wait to go pick him up! He may wear me out but I think my heart will be better when I get the other half back!


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