The girls in my small group and I have been doing the Beth Moore study, “Believing God”. The last couple weeks we have been looking through some of the great patriarch’s of our faith. This morning I was reading about Joseph and reflecting on his life. God gave Joseph a promise at a young age. If you follow his life it looks like God forgot about his promise. He was sold in to slavery and imprisoned. If I was sitting in that prison cell I would have thought God had forgotten about me for sure. But later you see that God does indeed fulfill his promise and Joseph must lead his nation in a really tough time of famine and drought.
This quote stuck out to me from “Believing God”, “He made sure Joseph was in strategic position and was given wisdom to provide for the coming years of famine.”
I got thinking. Could maybe (although they were awful) the proceeding circumstances in Joseph’s life all been apart of God’s plan? Could God have even orchestrated them to make Joseph the man he wanted him to be? Did the hard times not prepare him for the ministry ahead? I think so. I don’t think God was surprised for a second. I think He was right there in the middle of the slavery and imprisonment.
I forget that in my own life way too many times! I think when hard times come or something bad happens, God has checked out or I have messed up God’s plan. We have several obstacles in our life right now. Could they be in our lives to sharpen our faith, to teach us, to make us who God needs us to be….. I think so. I think there are two types of obstacles: the kind that you bring into your life because of poor decisions or whatever and the kind that just happen, that you did not ask for. I think regardless God is bigger than them both! I think maybe they are not obstacles but God’s training hurdles. They are strengthening and testing our endurance and strength for the promise ahead!


One Comment on “Obstacles”

  1. citystreams says:

    I like your optimism. It’s easy to just kick myself for making stupid decisions and wish that things could be different. I have no idea how these obstacles can lead to God’s plan. Guess I’ll have to wait and see it!

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