(Is it really already December?) Family Update:

So I have decided to give up the “family blog”. I can’t keep them both up… nor can I separate what is going on in our family and in “my” life ; ) .
I haven’t blogged in a while. These last few months have flown by. We have spent a good bit of time in Atlanta because of the holidays. We also have gotten to spend some time with our newest nephew! He is so little and so sweet! He will be 4 months older than Ella just like our other nephew is 4 months older than Trey! It’s fun to have cousins so close in age!
Mark and I also celebrated our 4 anniversary. I seriously cannot believe it has only been 4 years…. it feels so much longer… yet it also feels like yesterday! Mark made me dinner and surprised me by having some friends watch Trey for the night. It was really nice! In the past we have gone “all out” and spent the night in a hotel and all. This year was simple but I think it was my favorite!
Trey is growing so much! I was watching him yesterday thinking, ” He’s really not a ‘baby baby’ anymore”. He’s so smart! I am amazed at what he picks up on and what he knows! He is still loves to dance and has really been refining his skills… I will have to post a video sometime. When I found out I was having a girl lots of people said, “Good, you need a little dancer”. Well let me tell you, I already have one : ) Trey loves music! And he loves to dance. I usually have music on during the day. When I don’t he walks around bopping his head like he has a little song in his head.
Ella is moving and growing! It seriously has not sunk in yet that we are #1 having another baby and #2 having a girl! I did get to buy her a cute little dress on Black Friday! I have cleared out half of Trey’s closet and begun hanging what few girl things I have in there : ) Every time I go in there to change Trey’s diaper (the changing table is in the closet), I look at all the pink stuff and get excited! I can’t wait! Last doc visit she was measuring a little big, my blood pressure was good and my heart stuff has calmed down for the time being. I am 26 weeks! Only 13 to go (b/c of the C-section I will only go to 39 weeks)!
Trey and I ended up spending a full week in Atlanta over Thanksgiving. When we got home last Saturday Trey was so glad to be home! It was like he forgot about all his stuff, his room and toys. I gave him a bath and had to search for diapers and pj’s and all. When I returned to his room, I found he had turned on his music (Reliant K Christmas album) and was rockin’ out, dancing completely naked in his room! He’s our free spirited one : ) Mark and I died laughing!

The biggest update for our family is that God is working! I wish I could take you on a the cliff-notes version of our journey this year…. it has been a very very hard year! I am praising God mainly just that we survived it! But let me tell you, God indeed does discipline those He loves! And He loves us! And has given us the “treasures in the darkness” as His Word says.
To be honest the biggest struggle recently has been money. It is tight in our house! But man it is good! (No really!) I heard a pastor preaching on money. He said if we sow generously, we will reap generously. I think our tendency in our American mind is to think that means… “if we give money, God will give lots of money back to us”. That may be true but then again it may not. Money is a nonissue to God. He owns it all. It is not a valuable to Him as it is to us. We may get excited about making budget at the end of the month but, what I am learning, it God is indifferent. God is excited about the work in our hearts at the end of the month! I believe He is even excited to see that we trusted Him and relied on Him! He knows the pain and knows the sacrifice… He gave up much more! Rather He gives or takes away, His eyes are laser-focused on our heart!
For us trusting Him with money is a big deal and our struggle with it has lead to a deeper trust and faith in Him. Although I have bad days, I have never been more content with where God has us (and that’s in an apartment that looks out onto a parking lot… Glory to God!)! When I see God’s work in my husband, the restoration God has done in our marriage, the PEACE in our home, and experience the intimacy with God because of our “trails”, I would rather live no where in the world than right here… where our God is at work!

Sorry this was a long one… but I know if you read it you must love us : ) We love you and covet your prayers!


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