Ella Reece

Well after much debate, it has been decided! Her name shall be Ella Reece! This is the original name we came up with 2 1/2 years ago when we thought Trey was a girl. This time I had my boy named picked out but was not sure if Reese was right for this baby. We have had the name Ella since probably Mark and I’s second date… which was about 10 years ago and the name was far less trendy! I hate that it has gotten so popular! Ella is the name of Mark’s grandmother and my great- grandmother. We thought it was too cool that Ella was a family name on both sides! Some how that came into conversation when we were first dating and we said if we ever got married and had a baby girl her name would be “Ella”.
I am a big name person! My son’s name means “crowned warrior”. If you know my child you should know he is quite the “prince or crowned one” and he is very much the “fighter (we are trying to fine tune him into a warrior and not as much of a fighter).” He wears his name so well and my prayer is that he will be a crowned warrior for the Lord!
Ella will share a birthday (providing she does not come before my C-section date) with one of my favorite people God allowed me the privilege of knowing on the earth, Jacob! He is one of my best friends little brother. Jacob was born with a rare heart condition. By the time he was 21 he had undergone two heart transplants and various other surgeries and procedures throughout his life. Growing up and in high school he never got to live the “normal” life of a boy. He had to live very carefully because of his heart. But let me tell you that did not stop Jacob from living!!! He lived life well and he lived life with zeal and love for the Lord! The hand dealt him at birth would make many bitter but Jacob overcame and lived life with joy and enthusiasm!
One of my favorite and most vivid memories of Jacob was at our old church. He was having some complications, I think this was right before he ended up with his first transplant. Our worship team was singing, “Blessed be the name of the Lord”. The song has one part that says, “you give and take away, you give and take away but my heart will choose to say, ‘Lord blessed be your name!'” We were baptist, so we were sitting in our usual seats. I look up at Jacob and his hands are lifted high, with his face radiant, praising the God! For many of us in that room the reality of those words might only run as deep as God giving or taking away our Christmas bonus that year. For Jacob it meant his very life. Yet he trusted. And raised his arms open. Tears poured down my face as I begged God for that kind of faith that would raise my hands open to a God who gives and takes away!
Well, that is a picture of Jacob for you! Jacob went home to be with the Lord last June. He is missed. I can almost picture him in heaven praising Jesus face to face! If he hasn’t been too busy worshiping he might laugh to know that I have had to visit the cardiologist several times bearing the baby that shares his birthday : )
We wanted to honor him with her name somehow. Ella Jacob just didn’t work. I even looked up the equivalent female name for Jacob but it didn’t feel right. We decided on Ella Reece. I don’t know how to explain it just seemed to be right. I had looked it up before but Reece means “enthusiasm”. So her name means “enthusiastic, beautiful, light”. And then it hit me. I don’t think there is any other name that could honor her birthday predecessor more! I have not know a more enthusiastic light than Jacob! My prayer is that she too will live with enthusiasm and joy no matter what her circumstances and that she will always be a light for the Lord!

Love you Jacob! I’m so proud of you!


3 Comments on “Ella Reece”

  1. monica says:

    I love love love love the name Reese. Love love love it. Matter of fact we were eating lunch Sunday with Andy’s friend and his family, with the last name of Reese. The little boy (age 6) was asking me about our last name and telling me his. (Which I knew, but he was chatting away) and I told him I loved that name and would name either a little boy or girl Reese if I got the chance. (Just an option, meant I liked it we hadn’t chosen it) Then I was telling him our last name is Tanner, but Cole also has a cousin named Tanner. Cole is Cole’s name, but it was also my MawMaw’s last name. (Before she got married) Anyway…. I love the name so much Ella Reese fits perfectly!! So…you helped narrow down if we ever get a girlie names we wont use. HA! 🙂 I just picked up some things today for Ms. Ella for Christmas 🙂 Love yall

  2. Mimi says:

    Sweet! Love it!

  3. Nanny says:

    This is Ms. Kim. I am so jealous that Ella will be born on Jacob’s birthday but I will always remember her birthday because I will never forget my buddy,Jacob. Love ya!

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