Baby girl update

I have noticed a lot of differences in the first and second child already. This pregnancy has not been much easier but I have not had the time to think about it as much. With Trey, I was consumed in the “pregnant world” all the time. With Ella, I honestly forgot I was pregnant a lot of times. Now she is she let’s me know she is in there…it’s harder to forget : ) ! She does not move as much as Trey, but she must be bigger because she causes my whole stomach to shift when she does move! She is has sharp little bones (like her Auntie Mol), she hurts me! : )
Everything is going great though! All the heart stuff turned out alright! My blood pressure is good too! Oddly enough my back has even been hurting a little less, even though she is getting really big!
As of our last doctor visit everything looked good! I passed the diabetes test too! I will start going every two weeks starting next week. With this OB I get a 36 week ultrasound too so that is very exciting! With Trey we only got the 20 week! I can’t wait to see her again!
We have about 8 weeks until we become a family of 4! We are trying to transition Trey to his big boy bed. We have gotten him out of his highchair and into a big boy seat at the table. He loves it! I am trying to hold him less but he is going through a mommy thing so that is really hard! I don’t know what I will do after the C-section. I’m sure it will be a battle…
He is getting to be such a big boy! He talks ALL THE TIME and his vocab. is growing so much! I love being able to communicate with him! He now points to my belly and says “Ewwa”. Of course he also say “Ewwa” when he points to his belly too : ) He is starting to notice her stuff too. He will point to the pink stuff or baby stuff and say “baby” or “Ewwa”. I can’t wait to see how he will be with her. I know she is going to rock his world a good bit but I think he will be a great big brother!
We are excited to meet our sweet girl!

12 weeks

20 weeks

27 weeks

32 weeks


2 Comments on “Baby girl update”

  1. Kerri says:

    I’m glad you posted those. I’ve missed getting to see you pregnant cuz you’re such a cute pregnant person! Hard to believe it’s only 8 weeks!

  2. Thanks Kerri! I know its hard for me to believe it is only 8 weeks too!
    And thanks for posting the scrapbook basket idea on ya’ll’s blog! Definitely used that one for Christmas ; ) Miss you guys!!! Hope you are doing well!

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