Home Organizer

I normally pride myself in being very organized. I used to go organize (the best teacher in the world, my aunt) “Deeda’s” school closet at the beginning of every school year. She paid me but I enjoyed it way too much! : ) Labels, baskets, dividers and shelving are what I buy with gift cards and extra cash. Our two bedroom apartment in a puzzle for me. I am constantly trying to figure out how to make everything fit… well…. and organized. Seriously, I enjoy it! I got excited after Christmas because we needed to reorganize Trey’s closet to fit he and Ella’s clothes…. see further proof I am more than ‘slightly’ weird!!!
This past year has been crazy! With several moves under our belt and another one coming in the near future… I need a better system for keeping up with weekly bills, tax stuff and all the other day to day house junk that fills up my kitchen files and junk drawer.
My friend Kerri has an awesome post about home organizers! I have heard others talk about them but them seemed too complicated. I didn’t think I would actually use it. She did a great job of simplifying this idea! Check it out here.


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