Found my camera cord!

Well family, here it is… picture update! I have not been able to find my camera card reader months ago. I have been looking everywhere for it. Tonight Trey dumped my cookbook magazine basket on the floor and low and behold there it was! I’m so excited! My memory card was full too so great timing!

Trey is getting into the stickers for our Bikes or Bust craft.

Since we were going out of town for Christmas. Santa visited early : ) We had our Christmas on the 21st. I was perfect! I love time just the three of us!

More to come! Uploading pictures takes a while!


One Comment on “Found my camera cord!”

  1. monica says:

    I love the car mat! 🙂 Cole got a tricycle too, of course it’ll be forever before he can ride it. My Paw Paw (my Mom’s Dad, who has been in Heaven for many years now) gave us all (my cousins) our first tricycle on our first Christmas. No matter how old we were… Mom had to get one for Cole already. Then Dad, not to be outdone, had to buy him a “Lightning McQueen” car, the sit on or stand push little thing. Cole loves them both, it’s so funny! He knows what to do, how to sit and hold onto the handles or steering wheel of either. He wants to go so bad. I guess a set of wheels, at any age, is such a boy thing!! 🙂

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