Monday Monday….

We don’t have internet at the house right now. It has actually been somewhat of a blessing! I never realized how much time I spent waste surfing the web…. thinking I’m being productive when I’m really not! So it is harder to update our blog as much. Right now I am sitting in my car using the free internet at our clubhouse while Trey naps in the backseat : )
Random thoughts this Monday morning:
-I have been nesting like crazy!!! Every nook and cranny of our apartment is clean and organized. I have bleach stains on two maternity shirts… you think I would learn! I have a post coming about organizing in small spaces. I need to take some pictures. I’m no expert but I’m always looking for others to share ideas : )
– We have less than 6 weeks to get ready for this little girl! This pregnancy has flown by! I can not believe it is almost time meet her.
– I wish I was stronger but I’m not… I’m getting very nervous about my C-section. I passed out from getting my blood drawn only three years ago…. I have come A LONG way! I am much better now! I have to get my blood drawn every other doc. visit and it doesn’t bother me at all : ) But do you ever get comfortable with the idea of lying on table while doctors cut your stomach open (sorry mom… too graphic) … I don’t think so! But its all to meet our girl so I think I will make it! I made it with Trey!
– On another C-section note… I am nervous about the recovery. My first one was easy but I didn’t have a 27lb toddler to take care of. He won’t understand. I know this will be hard!
– Canvas re-launched last week! It was awesome! I think we all have tremendous peace about where we are and what God is doing! We have seen many new faces and gained several new families! I really love our church! I love that who we are and what we are called to do in this city!
– Ok free plug… I met a friend from church at Jump for Joey’s last week. It was only $5 to get in on Wednesday. Trey and her boys had so much fun!!! I did not know you could go to those places during the week. I thought they were only for birthday parties. Trey had a blast and it wore him out for like two days so that was nice ; ) Ours is very clean! The designers are genius and must have kids… there is a play area for babies, massage chairs for moms (if you have older ones and get the luxury of sitting down), there are little toddler potties and even a little step stool to help kids reach the sink! If only all retail and public restrooms where designed so well! Trey was a little nervous at first but then went crazy! He loved the slides. He even went down one of the big ones! Me, 8 months pregnant helping him up a slide was an even crazier sight to see : ) We had so much fun!
– Well I think that is about it. I will try to get some more pictures uploaded for you, family : ) Here are some of pictures of Mark and Trey I forgot about!

Crazy boys

Trey calls this “Ohh cool”… he loves riding on his daddy’s back : )


One Comment on “Monday Monday….”

  1. Mimi says:

    Love the pix!! Miss you all so much!

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