God’s gift: children!

We had a crazy week last week! Trey got the stomach bug last Saturday. He passed it along to me on Tuesday. I guess the “activity” in my stomach triggered contractions. We spent Tuesday night at the hospital tracking then stopping contractions. Luckily it worked! No baby yet : ) We did have a fresh wind of reality! This girl has snuck up on us! We have a lot to do to get ready for her…. or it feels that way anyway! I guess this is typical with your second (I hope so anyway), we just haven’t had as much time to focus and plan for her arrival like we did Trey.
Trey and I both hung on to the stomach bug the rest of the week and laid low. I think I have Lysoled and Cloroxed my house 3 or 4 times in the last week. I hope its gone!
Trey is in Atlanta visiting family this week. I am still not sure how the grandparents got him up there. I really had no plans to let him go. They are sneaking, I tell you! I love being a mom! I forget how much I love it until he is gone. I miss him like crazy! I have threatened picking him early… hmmm I will try to be patient : )
Mark wrote a great blog about parenting…. or how parenting shows us more of God. It is good and so true. My brain is to hazy right now to formulate anything profound. I will leave that to him!


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