Yes, I’m still pregnant.

I have become very impatient. We only have 8 days left but for some reason it feels like eternity!
No news either…. I have been having contractions on and off since Christmas. As of last Tuesday, I’ve had nothing. This girl is teasing me. So, I am about 99% sure we will make it to our section date. This probably works out for the best since we have family coming in town and all. Maybe she is just trying to help everyone out : )

Savannah has had some crazy weather lately! Valentines weekend it snowed. The next weekend we were playing out in the warm sunshine! That’s winter in the south for you! Winter may be predictable but two things are certain here in Savannah: BEAUTIFUL spring and HOT summers! I am looking forward to the first one…. not so much the second.

God is so good to us! We are continuing to watch Him provide and its awesome to be apart of! I love seeing His faithfulness firsthand! We are beyond blessed to have amazing family and friends!

I will hopefully be posting pictures of Miss Ella soon!


One Comment on “Yes, I’m still pregnant.”

  1. tiana moores says:

    Hi guy’s,l saw your letter on blog,& here l am,l live in Coff’s Harbour,Austrailia. l’m a 45yr old mother of 2 children,my oldest child-boy(married-4 boy’s),my youngest daughter is 7 1/2yr’s old,l’m married to a truck driver,his home most night’s unless his on the road.We have 1 small dog,3 bird’s,2 goldfish.My daughter does swimming & touch footy,jazz & wrap dancing.Honestly with Trey,when he goes outside,his only playing,his not getting anything,but if mummy would like Trey to come inside,the way l do it with everytime to have Jacinta coming inside is go where he can’t really see you but you can see him,make noise,he’ll look up & wonder what your doing & come inside,when he does,asked him to shut the door,so Elle can’t get out.Trey won’t even give all the above a second thought.With fussy eater’s,try & steam the vegi’s,cut the potato,pumkin,sweet potato all up into tiny peice’s,when cooked,mash what you want mashed,insted of milk try Mayonaise-Butter(not marg)mix alike normal,then place on plate’s/dishes.Steam their carrot’s,green’s everything they have in vegi’s,let me know you got on,Jacinta has only started to eat certain food’s now at her age. Goo Luck Tiana

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