Family of Four : )

Family of Four:

Well Miss Ella is here! She made her arrival the day before our “scheduled” C-section. She had to have things her way I guess : )
Monday night I started having contractions. They were mild and only 10 mins. apart. My nurse told me to call when I started having them within 20 mins apart for more than 2 hours. They started at 5pm. So, we decided to call and go to the hospital at 10pm.
They monitored me for a while. I was in the very early stages of labor. We were hoping they would giving me something to stop it and then take us first thing in the morning. Instead they stopped my labor and sent us home.
We were not happy. We got home around 3 am. Mark had to take off an extra day of work. What is the difference between Tuesday morning and Thursday morning anyway? I decided it was a good day to clean house and get ready for company. Mark went to the dentist to try and take care of tooth that had been bothering him.
Mark was in a lot of pain that night so he took some good pain killers and was out for the night. I woke up around midnight with contractions. I knew almost instantly it was the “real deal”. I started timing them. They were 2-3 mins apart lasting for about 1-2 mins. After about an hour, I decided I should wake up Mark and we should head to the hospital.
Unfortunately, Mark forgot to eat before taking his pain meds. He was pretty queasy! We ended having to stop to get him some food because he felt so sick. We were a sight to see… let me tell you! We barely made it to the front drive way of the hospital and Mark lost his “midnight snack”. Thankfully he felt a little better by the time we got to triage. They quickly admitted us and got us set up for a C-section first thing in the morning.
I thought since I was having a C-section they would give me an epidural or some kind of pain meds… nope! Luckily, I was first in line in the morning at 6:30.
My doctor was incredibly fast with the whole thing! They prepped me, he walked in the OR at 6:55am. They had her out just a little after 7am! She came out screaming too!
Despite the sonogram estimations, she weighed 7lbs. 7oz.

She is beautiful! I call her ‘pretty’. She is so dainty and delicate. The way she holds her hands and crosses her legs says “Miss Priss” already!

She ended up having jaundice like Trey. She had to spend her first night in the special nursery under lights. The following day she got to be in our room under lights. But, unlike Trey, we got to bring her home without bililights! It was so nice to be able to hold her and dress her up!

Trey LOVES his little sister! He loves to pet her head and give her kisses!
When we go out he has to show everyone his baby! Although he loves her, he has had a hard time adjusting to the change in his schedule and routine. There have been lots of meltdowns in our home over the last couple of weeks.

Ella seems to be a little colicy. We have had some rough nights! She apparently has a very sensitive stomach. Her fussy time has started around midnight and ended around 4am. We are tired!
I love being a family of four! Ella is the perfect addition to our family! She just fits! I am excited about what is ahead! I praise God that He has allowed us to raise these two amazing babies! 


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