Pretty “Goo”

I know I am biased but I think my daughter is beautiful! Seriously! I call her “Pretty”. Trey has caught on to it to. He says, “Hey pwee” (close…so close). I also call her girl. To that Trey calls her “Goo”. So now “Goo” has stuck too. Poor girl will have no idea what her name is!
Goodness, I love her so much! She is a great baby! She is already sleeping through the night! Praise the Lord! And I mean 10-7 sleeping through the night. I wish I could take credit. With Trey we worked hard to reach this point but Miss Priss just decided on her own she would get a good night’s sleep.
Her only down side is that she has an incredibly sensitive stomach! I can’t drink milk, eat broccoli or even spicy potato chips! If I do, I will pay for after the next feeding. She will fuss and fuss with no resolve! Those days are hard. Bland food is worth a happy baby!!!
We went to the doctor last Friday for her “one month”. She was 6 weeks old though… oh well… I like to be a little late on the shots.
She already weighs 11lbs. 9oz.!!! My girl likes to eat! I love it though, she is a chunk and stinkin’ adorable!!! Everything else checked out great! She is a healthy little “goo”!
Here are some pictures my sister took last weekend while visiting. I think she is starting to look like her Daddy : )


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