I haven’t blogged in a while…. I think I’m just going to jump back in to it the best I can. So what is on the forefront of my mind and heart….. my lack of technology at the moment! It’s really sad how much this has affected me!
We have moved…. we threw that in with having a baby… it was crazy! Since moving I feel as if I have stepped back in time. My “new” house does not have a dishwasher and our washer and dryer are outside. I know, I know, “bless my heart”. Life is tough. We also trimmed back the budget and do not have cable (just what our antenna picks up). The hardest for me is that we do not have internet! In fact, besides borrowing the church’s air card for a couple weeks here and there, we haven’t had internet in 6 months! Yes, we are still alive…. barely…. Also in the last 6 months our DVD player broke, our “back room” TV was hit by lightning, we sold our Wii, one iPod was stolen and the other won’t play anymore, Mark’s loved Playstation 2 makes little boxes all over our screen you can’t see past, and our only TV has a “green slime” (that’s the only way I know how to describe it) most of the time. I know it is on its last leg.
The other day my van radio started going out and I lost it!
It is really pathetic but I guess I was going through a level of culture shock. If you know my husband, you know he LOVES gadgets and technology. We had always had the latest and greatest when it comes to technology. Since our income change. We can’t afford new stuff or to replace the broken stuff. Our house is quiet. We depend on our laptop for a DVD player, computer and music player. It can only do one at a time though…. so it gets annoying.
I lost it though over my broken car radio! I know God is sovereign over all this and I was mad at Him for taking all our toys away!!! What is wrong with a little entertainment?
I started reflecting though… it really seems to be a little more that a coincidence that almost ALL of our technology has been taken away. There gets to be a point when you have to look around, survey the damage and think “Hmmm… could God be doing something here?”
I think He is.
There is a lot of good in the lack of noise. My kids play out side A LOT… even in this awful heat. We get out of the house and do a lot more. We have gotten to know the library very well! After putting the kids to bed, it is really hard for Mark and I to get lost in a TV show when the news, a movie from a channel that features the stars “before they were stars”, and night Oprah (what is that all about) are all that’s on. We actually talk more…. or do dishes together.
All that is good stuff. But I believe there is more. Like I said, God is sovereign over it. If He wanted us to have cable, internet, or whatever… He would make a way for it to happen. For us, I believe, He has taken out the noise in our life so that maybe we might hear Him.
When there is much noise, there is much distraction! For this season, I guess we need to be listening more…. a lot more! So I am going to stop pitching a fit and accept His plan. Instead of trying to compensate for what He has taken away, I am dwelling in the circumstances He has given.


One Comment on “Noise”

  1. Liz says:

    Love it! Its crazy how it works. Like before I got to America I thought that having a computer, internet, cable, and AC in the house was a luxury. Now is almost seen as something necessary when is really not. I lived my whole childhood without any of those things; I remember when I turned 10 my dad gave all of us (3 sisters) a Super Nintendo. This thing was the craziest gift we ever gotten. We played Mario Bros. over and over (the game that came with the Super Nintento) until my mom thought that is was destroying our playful afternoons and our sister friendship because of all the fighting for turns, and she threw it away. CAN YOU IMAGINE??? Its was horrible and devastating, the one piece we had closer to modern PR. I think it was the best because it did brought us apart a little; made us competitive towards each other. Of course that is my family as an example, but things like that only push you further form humanity instead of making you closer to the “world”. Now, Jose has all that stuff, the games, the technology but I don’t even know how to work it. He has games and boxes that have not been played ever since he is gone, with the exception of people who come over and knows how to hook it up. I feel like my grandma everytime somebody asks me if they can play and I say “see if you can turn it on, I don’t know” I work my blackberry because is the only way I can carry my world in a pocket; thats it! but its honestly nice not to have the urge to loose myself in TV or video games, I am so much more productive. I read and cook or find a recipe to make; its much more fun.
    With this baby coming the only thing I wish to have is his daddy home. I would go back “in time” to my little concrete home (which did not had a dishwasher by the way.I just realized that; poor mom…lol) just to have my family complete. I pray that this will happen to me soon and that my husband will get to meet our son. But the fear of loosing my faith in having this hunts me everyday.
    The date is approaching for our son to arrive, and the news are not too good as far as him coming to meet his son. I cry and cry because I want my family to be with me that moment. Call it selfish but sometimes I say “one soldier less wont hurt the war” but in reality there is a bigger picture I refuse to see. Maybe because I just don’t feel like seeing it.
    I guess is our responsibility to see what we have and make the best out of it regardless the situation we may encounter. I am lucky to have food and shelter with AC at 9 months pregnant, lol. And I am thankful that my husband is still alive in Iraq. It is what it is. Gotta keep strong!

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