Mommy, who is Jesus?

Mark and I are too analytical and overly critical…. I will admit it! We have talked and debated how we want to teach our children about Jesus too much. We don’t want to cheapen the gospel or the passages in the Bible by making God’s truth “cute”. You know what I mean? We don’t want to water down the truth but yet we want our children to know the the Word and God’s truth! I also don’t want to teach our children mere morality. We want to pave the path for them to know Jesus and have a relationship with Him!
Anyway I will spare you all that. I am reading a fantastic book that is answering a lot of my questions called “Gospel powered Parenting”. But that is another blog for another day.
My point is that we have not sat down and taught Trey enough about God. We are convicted about that and working on it…. and also the boy just now turned two.
I play a lot of music during the day. The other day I heard the sweetest sound. Trey was singing along with one of the songs saying, “Jeeesuusss, Jeeesus, Jeeeesus, Jesus”. It was beautiful! He kept singing even after the song was over and I thought my heart could not be so full!
I started thinking though… I wonder who Trey thinks Jesus is?!
He should know we talk to Him at meal times, before bed and randomly when Mommy is having a rough day or when we are really excited. His name is in a lot of the music we listen to and Mrs. Shelly talks about Him at church…. other than that… I am ashamed to say I don’t think he would know.
But here is my hope and goal for both my children. I hope that even if we never sit down together with the Bible again or do a craft involving a Bible story; I hope that even then they would know who Jesus is. I hope they would know He is the reason their Mommy and Daddy get up in the morning. I hope they would know He is who we trust in to provide for our family… so much so that we have done some pretty stupid things by worldly standards because we trust Him that much. I hope they would know He is the reason we give. I hope they know He is the strength we cling to on long days that seem to make no sense and have no end. I hope they know He is the reason their Mommy and Daddy wake up each morning and choose to love each other even when its really hard and really ugly. I hope they know He is the grace we embrace when we fail at parenting….. marriage…. ministry….. and so much more. I hope they know He is the reason tears flow down our face sometimes when we sing those songs. He is the reason we hold our hands high in worship. He is the reason we suffer with joy and count all things as a loss. He is worth it and He is good. He is right and He is better! When everything is taken away and we are facing trials and tribulations that seem larger than what we can handle….. Jesus is the reason we persevere. Because it is our hope that one day we will see this man, this God, this Savior, Jesus face to face! …. with our children at our side.


One Comment on “Mommy, who is Jesus?”

  1. monica says:

    Will look for that book. Currently finishing Dr. Dobson and raising boys.

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