Funder (aka “Thunder”)

We hear a lot of Thunder here in the Lowcountry. We have had afternoon or nightly rainshowers for the last several weeks! So we hear a lot of “funder” as Trey calls it!
He used to like Thunder. In fact one day he said, “Mommy, you hear it? You hear it the funder?”. I said, “Yes, baby I hear it!” He then said, “Mommy, I dance to that Funder!”. And proceeded to dance every time he heard thunder! He’s a nut!
Recently though, he has developed a fear of thunder. This weekend a storm came through every single night at bedtime. For a while we have been talking about how God made the “funder” and that He promises us He is always with us. And that no matter what happens He always with us, so we do not have anything to fear.
This is obviously a difficult concept for a two year old! So I proceeded to tell him in Job it says that the thunder “declares His Presence!” So I said, “Trey, every time you hear thunder its like God is saying, ‘ I am big and powerful and so cool!”
Trey processed this in his own little way. The next time it thundered he said, “WOW GOD! I SO PROUD OF YOU!”
Mark and I laughed and laughed! Oh, how I love his heart!!!
Trey still showed no signs of going to bed so we made a movie night out of it. We camped out on the floor and watched “Up”. Mark and I had to scratch “date night” but it was so much fun and a memory I know we will always cherish!


One Comment on “Funder (aka “Thunder”)”

  1. Tricia says:

    This is precious! You are making wonderful funder memories.

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