My “10 cents” on couponing

must admit, I am a little bit obsessed with the whole couponing thing! I am no where near a pro! I save on average between 40-50%. I have worked very hard to get there and I am slowly saving more and more! But I have friends who spend like $2 on $75 worth of stuff. Now they are the real couponers!
I just thought I would share some tips for those starting out or who can’t afford to jump in head over heels quite yet.

1- If you are going to get in to the whole Pharmacy game, stick with one pharmacy for starters. I messed up recently trying to take advantage of all the pharmacy sales. I ended up saving hardly any money because I didn’t have “points” or “rewards” at all of them. So start small and start with one!

2- All the couponing sites are wonderful but very OVERWHELMING! I used to seriously get a migraine trying to sift through them all! This what I do: I cut only the coupons that my family uses. I get coupons online, newspaper and cellfire. (I am old fashioned I like paper.) I then look at the sales paper and match coupons I have with sales.

3- Figure out what works for you! I have friends who tried going 90 to nothing with the coupon thing and then burn out because its too much. It may take a while but figure out what works for you and don’t feel guilty about it. : )

4- Publix (at least down here) is hands down the best with coupons! I have not found anywhere else that takes competitor coupons or accepts as many coupons! Weigh the cost. They are more expensive obviously. If you don’t have that many coupons… save the money and ….. (sigh….) go to Walmart. Like today, I only had $50 to spend. I had a couple competitor “spend $25 take off $5” and a lot of manufacture coupons matching to sales so I ended up saving by going to Publix. But unfortunately that’s not always the case.

5- Plan ahead! Especially when shopping with kids, this is essential!!! On a good day, I have a list and the coupons I plan on using in a small clear baggy. I have one of those file systems but there is no way I can go through that thing for every coupon while one child is screaming and one child is trying to jump out of the cart!

6- Research! Research and read what others are doing and you will probably find little ideas here and there to help you come up with a couponing plan that works for you! Take everything with a grain of salt! You situation and budget are unique to you! Don’t feel guilty for not having time or organizational skills to get together a baseball card binder full of coupons. Here in Savannah there is a great column in the Sunday Savannah Morning News called Savy Shopper. She gives fantastic tips!

There is so much more amazing info on couponing out there! This is just what I have learned : )

Southern Savers
Frugal Girls


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