I am attempting to read through the Bible again. I usually bail around the middle of Exodus.
This morning I was reading Genesis 5. This chapter is interesting to me. It is basically just a genealogy list of who lived and died. A couple things popped out to me today.
First, people lived way too long! I am so glad God ended that! Life is good but I don’t think I could handle 800 years down here…. shoot 80 seems a little too much sometimes! I want to be with Jesus!
I also thought it was funny how the scripture segments time before having children and after. “Seth lived one hundred and five years, and became the father of Enoch. Then Seth lived eight hundred and seven years…. so all the days of Seth were nine hundred and twelve years, and he died.” – Genesis 5:6-8 Isn’t that the truth though? There was life before having children and then there is a different kind of life after!
My favorite part of this scripture is verse 22. You have account over and over of a man living, having a son and then living so many more years, and then dying. “and he died” is listed six times in this passage until verse 22. “Enoch became the father of Methuselah. Then Enoch walked with God…” I had always noticed the contrast that Enoch walked with God but never noticed that it was after having Methuselah that he started walking with God. I wonder what kind of kid he was. Strong willed? Hard headed? Mischievous? Did Methuselah drive Enoch to his knees? Or was it just the wonder and beauty of life? Was Enoch so marveled the miracle of birth and life that he began to acknowledge the Creator God?
Regardless, from that point on, Enoch walked with God. Like a beautiful wildflower in a field of grass, his life stands out among the rest. He walked with God the way his great-great (and so on) great grandparents had walked with God in the Garden many years ago.
It is no different for us thousands of years later. It’s just a walk. He doesn’t ask us to figure things out or have all the answers. He asks us to walk with Him!
“And what does the Lord require of you But do justice, to love kindness And to walk humbly with your God?” -Micah 6:8


One Comment on “Walking”

  1. Monica says:

    What a beautiful look at those scriptures, beautifully written thoughts. You have stirred my heart, thank you.

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